Frank Haunschild

Die neue Harmonielehre I
150-page paperback.
For years it has served as a standard
textbook on music theory
for schools and universities,
suitable for self-study.
Best.-Nr. 610101
ISBN 3-927190-00-4
ISMN M-700136-00-0
"Highly recommended,
interestingly set up,
an ideal teaching aid
for beginners as
well as practicing musicians."
Okey, No. 27, March 1999
€ 19,80

Available in English: The New Harmony Book
Best.-Nr. 610165E
ISBN 3-927190-68-3


Frank Haunschild

Die neue Harmonielehre II
Paperback, 160-pages,
including a
diatonic modulation scale
as poster.
The second volume goes
deeper and takes up
double dominants,
triton substitution and II-V-I connections.


including a poster-size diatonic modulation scale
Best.-Nr. 610110
ISBN 3-927190-08-X
ISMN M-700136-79-6
€ 23,80


The poster is available separately for Euro 8,-



Frank Haunschild

Die neue Harmonielehre Praxis
(practical exercises to books I and II)
Paperback, 78 pages,
including an insert with solutions and a CD.
The audio examples on the CD
illustrate the many additional
exercises to both books I and II
of the Harmonielehre.
Best.-Nr. 610160
ISBN 3-927190-57-8
€ 18,80


Frank Haunschild

Modern Guitar Styles
This book introduces a concept for teaching a jazz and jazz-related musical vocabulary.
The basis for improvisation is easily learned by means of the carefully selected exercise pieces recorded on the accompanying CD. Thus, by means of the many scores and chord diagrams, the reader is able to follow precisely how the different pieces are played on the CD.
The CD encompasses eleven of the author's own compositions that cover the various rhythmic, harmonic and stylist aspects in different keys. The styles treated here are the blues in major and minor keys, bossa nova, samba, swing, salsa, fusion and modern jazz.
ISBN 3-89221-045-4
€ 29,95
published by advance music


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